Equip Interface Pylon Blocks

Should you need additional accessories for your application then please contact us. We’ll be pleased to develop a customized solution for you based on our standard parts.

HPS-25 the new Equip Hand Press Test Fixture Kit

Ideal for flash programming, rework purposes.

Test Probes

ICT – FCT - High Current – Battery Probes – Switch Probes - Cable Harness – RF – Special Probes

Fixture Customization

ICT – Functional – End of Line – HiPot – RF – InLine

Hand operated Jigs / Adapters & Test Modules

Used for Engine Test – Connector Test – Final Product Test – Cable Harness Test

Cable Harness Testers

Solution for Small Harnesses with 512 up to 2048 Test Points Open – Short – Resistor – Diode

ICT Test Systems for PCBs

Analog + Digital ICT + LED Test + Flash Programming + Integrated Camera

Equip – Test

Company Overview

Equip – Test with Global Headquarter in Budapest Metropolitan Area, Europe is a global player in manufacturing PCB test equipment. Steady investments into a complex R&D department, internal laboratory and high – tech production Plants, lead us to a global well – known brand. Our loyal and well – trained people, who give a full support to our customers, are the backbone of our success.

Equip – Test products always represent highest – quality without compromise. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com

Quality Assurance

Equip -Test runs the business with latest ERP and CRM solutions. Everything we do, complies with the latest quality assurance regulations of ISO 9001 as well as an ISO 14001, the so called „GREEN” certificate. Our company is annually certified by DEKRA from Germany. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com

Company Profile

Equip – Test main product lines are Test Probes, Test Fixture Kits, Customized ICT & Functional Test Fixtures, Integrated ICT with Function Test capabilities. For more information, please contact us on: info@equip-test.com

Fixture Kits

Equip Vacuum Test Fixtures

Equip Vacuum Test Fixtures

The Vacuum Test Fixtures are designed as either an individual Fixture Kit or with an Interchangeable Kit. The intermediate interfaces of the Interchangeable Kits are equipped with Test Probes. Interfaces are av...
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Test Fixtures

Test Fixtures

Equip - Test offers In - line Test Fixture Kits empty and customized for our partners. Most in-line handler manufacturers are supported by us. Additional options mentioned bellow are available for our In - Lin...
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Technical Accessories

Technical Accessories

You can find here a list of used components, which are standard in our ICT, FCT or In-Line Test Fixtures. Please don′t hesitate to contact us, if you don′t find your part here, it might be hidden somewhere on ...
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What our Clients Say

Thanks for delivering top quality services to your clients. It just takes a minute to get an answer from you when in difficulties.
Yanetxys Torreblanca
Thank you very much the support team AccessPress Ray for service, are really wonderful in their care and in the resolution of the problem.
David Soriano